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Bring Your Pet to Playa del Carmen

Bring Your Pet to Playa del Carmen

There are so many details to take care of before moving to Playa. One of the most important is how do we get Fido and Mittens across the border. It's easier than one might think.

First of all let's make a checklist. Starting with the obvious:

Make sure your pet has a name tag with your contact information and the pet's name (obviously). If you have a “Proof of Ownership” certificate bring it. That’s a “just in case” move.

Let's get the most important thing out of the way- documentation. You will need form APHIS 7001 or the international certificate of good health (form 77-043) issued by a veterinarian. This form must:

a) Be presented in duplicate (make five just to be extra careful)

b) Clearly state your name and address

c) Include a complete description of your pet (species, age, sex, coloring)

d) State the pet was examined and is free of any diseases.

You will also need proof of vaccination. It needs to be up to date with rabies, distemper (any communicable diseases). There are reports that all this information must be typed onto the form while other reports say that typing is not allowed (you made five copies. So do both. These are supposed to be checked at customs but there are plenty of reports that says no one checked. Still it is recommended than you bring the two forms. Personally, I was stopped and paperwork was asked for. It was a quick glance and an “Okay” and into Mexico we drove.

If you are flying check with the airline on their pet policy and advance book your pet as they limit the number of pets allowed on the craft. Most will allow a 20 pound or less pet in the cabin with you. They must be in a travel case and be able to fit under the seat in front of you like carry on luggage. The case has to let the pet comfortably stand, turn around and lie down. Again check with airline for exact requirements. Larger than 20 pounds pets are generally considered checked luggage. Don’t worry. The area they are kept in must be temperature controlled.

Again, the pet should have a tag with all the contact information. The travel carrier should have a blanket or “wee-wee” pad to soak up any accidents your pet may have. The carrier must be big enough to let your pet stand, turn around and lie down. Also make sure there is enough space for water. If you are not sure of how big your pet is here is a link that may help:

By no means should you give your pet a sedative. Sure, it may be a stressful trip but the risks sedatives present outweigh the benefits. Perhaps you can play or walk with your pet to tire them out. Or give them their favorite toy or a large rawhide type of thing to keep your pet busy. Also have its name, age and contact information clearly visible on several parts of the crate.

Keep your pet well hydrated and fed before getting to the airport and it goes without saying that you should let your pet “go” before checking in.

There you have it! OK, maybe it's not that simple, but isn’t it worth it? Enjoy Playa Del Carmen and all its pet friendly activities. You and your best friend will love it.

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Irv Santana is a native New Yorker with a PhD in people watching. His degree helps him with freelance writing, photography, stand up comedy and general maintenance work. He lives in Playa del Carmen, México with his girlfriend and one and a half dogs. You can follow him on twitter @Swirv72.